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Arbitration is one of the most attractive strategies for trading on the stock exchange. Our specialists have experience in trading according to the principles of classical and statistical arbitration.

Classic arbitration

Classical arbitration by its very nature implies minimal or no risk. Trader gets profit from the difference in prices on various crypto exchanges according to this principle. Transactions are carried out by the same instrument traded on different exchanges.

In simple words: the task is easy - buy some coin on one exchange and sell it more expensive on another exchange where the price is higher. The prices on the stock exchanges differ due to the natural effect of decentralization and as yet the underdevelopment of the market. First of all the exchanges still work on fairly slow web technologies from a technical point of view. Since profits are often derived from the inefficiencies of the system of execution and aggregation of quotes, classical arbitrage strategies are considered almost win-win.

Statistical arbitration

Statistical arbitrage is very different from his classic buddy. In essence, statistical arbitrage has much more in common with conventional trading strategies that rely on probability calculations. The main task is to identify patterns of price movements of different instruments and use them in trading.

It looks like this: we select a portfolio of dependent instruments for beginning. For example, using a correlation coefficient to estimate dependencies. Then, having a basket of interrelated tools, we can determine which of them is now undervalued and which is overvalued, and make a sale or purchase of one or another tool.


High income

The body of investment is included in the daily accruals, thereby reducing the period of return on investment and gaining profit

Affiliate program

Gives the possibility of additional earnings from partners' investments in 3 lines into the depth

High security

Ddos Guard protects the site from attacks

Online support

Any investor question is promptly resolved through online support on the site and / or via telegram support

Stable income

Earnings on arbitration is one of the most reliable and profitable tool

People trust us

Personal approach to the investor, user confidence and real reviews


Investing funds in Solid Spread you transfer them to the management of experienced professionals in the field of trading. Our employees have experience in trading not only in classic trading, but also successfully use various strategies for arbitrage trading.


The goal of our specialists is not only to bring maximum profit to investors at any cost, but also to reduce risks by diversifying asset portfolios.

Profit, openness and security - these are our principles for working with investors.

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Tariff Plans

Tariff Plans
  • tariff plans were developed
  • to maximize investors
  • profits and will be
  • opened gradually
130% yield
  • Deposit for 20 days
  • 6,5% daily accrual
  • The deposit body is included in accruals
  • Min $ 10 investment
  • Max. $ 1000 investment
140% yield
  • Deposit for 15 days
  • 9,3% daily accrual
  • The deposit body is included in accruals
  • Min $ 30 investment
  • Max. $ 1000 investment
coming soon
150% yield
  • Deposit for 10 days
  • 15% daily accrual
  • The deposit body is included in accruals
  • Min $ 10 investment

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